5 Reasons Authors Should Record an Audiobook

young author at the microphone ready to record your audiobook

Do you remember when your book was just an idea? What if you’d have stopped and never written it? The world would be without your book, and your book’s impact. I’m married to an award-winning author, so I know the heart and soul required to write and print. Now to stop short of your book’s potential? I hate to think! Your audiobook is worth as much to you (sometimes more) but requires less of your time and effort. So, good on you for researching how to speak your story into existence and expand your readership, influence, and revenue! There are stacks of reasons to record your audiobook. Let’s look at just a few:

1. Audiobooks are a hot format.

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment of publishing today, according to the Association of American Publishers (AAP). 2020 was the 9th year of double-digit growth for audiobooks.

healthy aging woman listening to audiobook

According to a 2021 survey, more than 45 percent of Americans have listened to an audiobook. The average audiobook user listens to about four books. And they are likely bibliophiles, a person who loves and collects books.

2. Listeners can enjoy more audiobooks than printed books throughout their day.

Listeners enjoy audiobooks while working, commuting, traveling, dog walking, cooking, exercising, and a long list of multi-tasking endeavors. We can all agree we are glad we don’t see people reading print books while driving!

Content on demand is fueling this growth. Readers want the ability to have the content they want when they want it and where they want it. Audiobooks are always accessible on their digital device, and instant access means the reader can take it anywhere and listen while engaging in various activities. Audiobooks deliver pertinent, inspiring, engaging, and helpful information that is easily digestible, easily accessible.

I take a lot of road trips, and nothing helps to pass the miles like listening to a great story.

3. Audiobooks hook new readers.

Audiobooks can attract new readers. Authors can give away chapters of their books as a teaser for their print books. This allows the listener to engage with the story before purchasing. Think of it as a sample spoon at your favorite ice cream store. An audiobook gives you more flavors to offer the customer.

young person listening to an audiobook

Many authors use portions of their audiobooks as lead magnets to capture potential clients’ names and email addresses. This form of permission-based marketing increases their email lists and potential customers for all of their books and ancillary services.

The audiobook connects the new reader in a way a print book is unable. You’ve spoken to this new listener for days, and your voice is now part of their daily routine. An audiobook is a strong hook.

4. Audiobooks can increase sales of the printed version.

Audiobooks are a standalone, beginning-to-end format. But many listeners who enjoy an audiobook feel compelled to own the print version. Often when my wife and I listen to an audiobook, the information is so compelling one of us looks at the  other and says, “We need to buy this book.” We love listening to the material, and it draws us in. But then, we both desire to have the print edition on hand to underline critical passages and use the book as a reference. The author received double income from us for two different formats.

This scenario is not uncommon. People who love your audiobook may buy a print copy, recommend your book to friends, and buy copies to give to others. And fans also leave positive Amazon reviews. Those reviews then drive sales of all of your works and increase your rank and promotional opportunities on that giant digital bookstore. It’s a win-win!

5. Audiobooks provide an additional revenue stream.

Revenue streams are critical to all businesses, and passive and active income streams are necessary for survival. Audiobooks can be both streams in one.

Depending on the distribution rights, authors can earn royalties of up to 40% on their audiobooks. One award-winning author with RecordYourAudiobook.com says she earns more from her audiobook than any of her print formats.

Active income is direct sales of your audiobook. Passive income not only uses the audiobook as a vehicle to grow your business beyond the book but can also generate income without your direct involvement.

Passive income involves a product’s sales page that, once set up, leads the buyer through the process without any additional time from you. No extra time is invested by you in the process, thus potentially allowing you to earn income while you sleep.

Passive income is achieved for audiobook sales by allowing the distributor exclusive market access and distributing your audiobook. They do the work and give you a larger percentage of royalties for that opportunity.

If, however, you want to control some of the marketing, you get the option to allow the distributor to “co-market” with you. You take a more active role. They get the rights to distribute, but you also have the right to market it yourself or use it as promotional material or lead magnets.

While the royalty percentage differs between the two options, each has merit. For my wife’s audiobook, we chose the exclusive option. We wanted a passive income stream driven by other products that she offers. This allows us to develop and market other business offerings, like speaking events, online courses, and additional options.

6. Audiobook listeners become big fans.

The audiobook listener’s connection often turns a reader into a “fan.” Hearing your voice every day inserts you into their world.

This intimate experience is not possible through the printed word. Listeners come to “know” you.

Because of that, they are more likely to feel a connection to you and your work. That relationship is powerful. You are more able to inspire, instruct, motivate, comfort, and move your listener in a way not possible on a page. And you benefit from a “fan,” not just a reader. The daily connection with your voice encourages relationships beyond this audiobook as a follower, a loyal reader, and a member of your community.

These are only a few reasons an author should record and distribute their audiobook. Audiobooks are a fast-growing segment of publishing. Authors who desire multiple and powerful ways to spread their message would be wise to invest the time to reach these listeners. RecordYourAudiobook.com helps authors do just that. They can select their desired level of engagement in the recording process and not stop short of their book’s full potential.