Authors let the words speak for themselves. So I will take a page from their book here. And let RecordYourAudiobook.com authors speak for themselves.

“Hi. I’m Dr. Mike Sonick and I just finished recording my book, Treating People Not Patients, with Dave Samuel. It was a phenomenal experience. I spent three days here in this recording booth recording probably for 15 hours. What amazes me was how well Dave paid attention to everything I did. This is the first time I’ve ever recorded a book like this and Dave made the whole thing go seamless. He gave me great advice, and he paid attention to every word I said. I checked occasionally to see if he’d pick up words and he picked it up before I even said anything to him. He’s great at what he does.”

Dr. Mike Sonick, Treating People Not Patients

“Dave is awesome! The work that he does is amazing! I have dyslexia so reading out loud in front of somebody was going to be tricky for me. And he just handled it so well and I believe got the best reading that anyone could’ve ever gotten. I’m so happy because I really wanted my readers, especially in these books, to know that it was me speaking these words. I just cannot say enough about the services that Dave Samuel does and the quality of work”

Niccie Kliegl, Awaking The Living Legacy, Embracing The Living Legacy

“Kudos to Dave Samuel for putting together the audiobook recording course. He made things very simple in the videos, like how to set up my recording studio. one of the questions I asked him was “How do I this on a shoestring budget?” Dave was really helpful in regards to that. He made himself accessible to ask any questions. It actually helped me get over the hump and the fear of “Can I really do this?” Since starting the program I have finished eight of my sixteen chapters and am looking forward to getting the rest of it done and I know he will hold me accountable.”

– Dr. Michelle Deering, What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters

“Dave Samuel was literally phenomenal from the time we first spoke. We set up the night before and it was super quick and easy. I’m a big person on doing what you say you’re gonna do and Dave did a phenomenal job with all of that and being on time. The process was very, very smooth and he makes you feel really comfortable the entire time. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I thought we were going to need a third day but we got it done in two. So make sure you book Dave Samuel. You won’t regret it.”

– Jason Nemes, The Code of Behavior

“If I had known how easy it was going to be to work with Dave Samuel and RecordYourAudiobook.com I would’ve recorded my audiobook from the very beginning. Dave is knowledgeable, experienced, and he has a passion for books and the quality of sound when they come to life through audio. He keenly listens to your every word so he can redirect you if something sounds off. We finished my book in two days. And now it’s award-winning. I highly recommend Dave Samuel and RecordYourAudiobook.com.”

Vivian L. King, award-winning author, When The Words Suddenly Stopped

“Dave made it an incredible experience for me. I was thinking at the beginning of the day, “There’s no way I could get through this.” And I was able to get through all the chapters, every part of the book. And it was easy…had a lot of fun actually. Super proud of what we accomplished. This was a great experience and I look forward to the next book and for sure working with you.”

Lee Benson, Your Most Important Number

jeff kramer

“I’ve done a bunch of audiobooks and it was a nightmare. It was a nightmare because I tried to do it myself. With Unhackable I reached out to Dave Samuel with Record Your Audiobook.com. I am so glad I did because Dave picks up on little things that I wouldn’t have known. He’s one of these people who has a true ear for technicality and yet he made me feel entirely comfortable. It was a seamless process. He came to me and it was unbelievable! And I really feel like that’s why we got a Wall Street Journal and USA today best-selling book.”

Kary Oberbrunner, Unhackable, Wall Street Journals, and USA Today Bet-Seller

“Right now I have six Amazon number one bestsellers. The most recent one came out in 2021 and I was thrilled to have recorded my audiobook with RecordYourAudiobook.com, Dave Samuel. I’ve done it before, and I’ll tell you as an author your message, your content, your cover, and, today, your audiobook is going to tell people about the quality of your work. And it matters if you want to be competitive! You want to have confidence in the product, and you want it to be fun and convenient and that’s what it was like working with Dave. So if you have another book coming out or you want to expand the reach of one you already have, consider an audiobook. And I recommend RecordYourAudiobook.com.”

– Lynn Baber, The God Dot

jeff kramer

“I knew I wanted to record an audiobook version of my book, but I had no idea what to do. Then I came across the program, Five Ridiculously Simple Steps To Record Your Audiobook At Home on RecordYourAudiobook.com.
That course taught me what I needed to know from nothing to an audiobook uploaded to ACX and accepted and now available on Audible. Without that course, I’d still be wondering what to do.”

– Jeff Kramer, The Perfection Paradox

“I just finished recording my audiobook with Dave at RecordYourAudiobook.com. I was so nervous…but Dave was so helpful. It was great! I would do it again!”

– Soneakqua White, Before You Blow Up

“You made me sound so good! It would have not been possible without your expertise, passion, patience, and kindness. God Bless!”

– Lisa Cini, Boom

“If you ever need an audiobook, go to Dave Samuel. He will blow you away. The talent that you might have…he blossoms and makes larger than life.”

Tony Ceballos, Forced Turnovers

Wow…I just finished listening to our production. I’m totally blown away by your talent, Dave. I will be forever grateful for your guidance and care.

– Rob Brown, Truest Fan

“I just finished recording my audiobook with Dave Samuel. I’ve had a little bit of experience with musical recording, but this was very relaxed. Dave was great about coaching me through the whole process, taking breaks when I needed them. It was all really helpful.”

Cari Moy, Dancing With Hope In The Midst Of Infertility

“I recently recorded my audiobook with David and it was an absolutely amazing experience. The coaching I got beforehand. The guidance and support I got during the recording process. The follow up. The communication. Everything about it made it so easy for me. I own a business and am extremely busy, he did everything for me. It is well worth it! I can’t say enough good things.”

Kristy LeRay, Messy Miracles

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