Exclusive Opportunity for UK Authors!

Award-winning audiobook producer Dave Samuel plans to record in the UK.


May 2024
Commitments due by November 1, 2023


Full-Service Audiobook Recording and Coaching


Just Show Up! For a great time and a professional audiobook recording.

An audiobook increases your:

  • Income,
  • Impact, and
  • Influence.

People want to read more books, but they have less time. So they’re buying audiobooks. Authors leave money on the table if you don’t offer one.

Dave has over 40 years as an audio engineer with audiobooks on BESTSELLER Lists for:

  • The Wall Street Journal,
  • Amazon, and
  • USA Today

Plus a 2023 Independent Press Award for Distinguished Audiobook.

In May 2024, Dave and team will travel to the UK to record a dozen authors. They will set up a professional studio in the Birmingham area and create the perfect environment to record your audiobook. Dave promises to make it simple and fun—including meals and lodging.

LIMITED studio spots.
So sign up soon. Commitments are due by November 1, 2023.

UK Authors, it’s a privilege to provide this service for you. My promise to you: you’ll relax and enjoy the recording process.

And beyond that, you’ll feel the satisfaction of creating a product that lasts for generations and expands your influence, impact, and income.

Think how great it will feel to offer worldwide distribution of your in-demand audiobook and never worry about inventory, rising print costs, or paper cuts.

I can’t wait to meet you in person in May 2024.


UK Studio

Grab this all-inclusive, limited-time opportunity

The UK Studio Requires a $670/deposit*

*Post-production editing, mastering, and uploading to your preferred audiobook distribution site will be billed separately.

This all-inclusive food, lodging, coaching, and recording package is only $2000 (based on a 30,000 word manuscript).

A third is due to reserve your spot. $670 (non-refundable)
A third is due 45 days later. $670
The balance for the recording portion is due before you depart the UK Studio. Post-production costs will be billed once your book is uploaded and approved on your audiobook distribution site.
*10% discount if you pay in full. (Deposit portion non-refundable)

You may cancel and receive a 2/3 refund until February 28.
Your payment will be refunded if there is an act of God or Record Your Audiobook is unable to perform.

“If I had known how easy it was going to be to work with Dave Samuel and RecordYourAudiobook.com I would’ve recorded my audiobook from the very beginning. Dave is knowledgeable, experienced, and he has a passion for books and the quality of sound when they come to life through audio. He keenly listens to your every word so he can redirect you if something sounds off. We finished my book in two days. And now it’s award-winning. I highly recommend Dave Samuel and RecordYourAudiobook.com.”

– Vivian L. King, award-winning author, When The Words Suddenly Stopped

jeff kramer

“Right now I have six Amazon number one bestsellers. The most recent one came out in 2021 and I was thrilled to have recorded my audiobook with RecordYourAudiobook.com, Dave Samuel. I’ve done it before, and I’ll tell you as an author your message, your content, your cover, and, today, your audiobook is going to tell people about the quality of your work. And it matters if you want to be competitive! You want to have confidence in the product, and you want it to be fun and convenient and that’s what it was like working with Dave. So if you have another book coming out or you want to expand the reach of one you already have, consider an audiobook. And I recommend RecordYourAudiobook.com.”

– Lynn Baber, The God Dot

jeff kramer