You get to learn something new with the security of knowing it will be done right. The additional revenue and expanded reach of your audiobook is possible. And completely doable. Dave makes sure of it.


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Course: 5 Ridiculously Simple Steps to Record Your Audiobook at Home
Watch when you want. As many times as you wish. Lifetime access. 30-day money-back guarantee.

You learn how to:

Set up your studio
Find the right tools for the job
Avoid common recording pitfalls
Capture your passion
Avoid expensive equipment purchases


1-hour of coaching (to use as you wish) with Dave, an experienced audio engineer.
Dave answers your questions. Offers suggestions.
Sets you up for success.
Dave will review a sample recording to make sure you are on the right track. This saves you time and money. He catches any issues before you record your entire book so you feel confident while recording.

Then you work together to make sure your recording is successful. Dave takes care of the technical mastering, editing, and uploading requirements for you. So your audiobook is ready to sell.

Please don’t stop short. Authors who fail to record their audiobook leave income and impact on the table. Readers love the ability to multitask with an audiobook. And hearing your voice every day cements a fan-love not possible with a print book.
This translates to more sales, reviews, and loyal buyers for you.

*Based on 30,000 manuscript. Payment Plan Available
1/3 down. 1/3 due after recording complete and sent to Dave. Balance due after files are accepted on ACX. Final cost based on manuscript word count.